About Us

The word Diaspora comes from the Greek diaspora and means a scattering. It was applied amongst others to the Irish peoples scattered across the globe by the Great famine of 1846. We were formed about 150 years later, and our music is a scattering of influences, predominantly Irish folk and traditional music.
We have played across a good part of the British Isles at one time or another and toured in France and Ireland. Apart from large gigs (we played at Twickenham at the Heineken Cup finals in 1999) and at several universities, we have played locally at folk clubs, arts centres and at festivals, and appeared with other local and well-known folk bands.
We have been featured on local radio, and hold monthly folk evenings at a Somerset pub, encouraging local folk performances from young and old, often “jamming” with guests. We perform for fundraising events, weddings and special occasions such as St Patrick’s night; and enjoy nothing more than an evening of good music, good company and good beer.