Somerset Child

Diaspora have not been idle during lockdown, and we spent several weeks having Zoom meetings where we worked on a number written by Kevin called Somerset Child which we are pleased to tell you is now featured on our website – so go to Audio/video and there it is (along with A Fairy Tale of New York recorded at Eli’s a few years ago).  We are hoping to get some airtime on local BBC radio to allow our fans to have a listen.  We’ll keep you posted on progress and if the BBC allow John to be interviewed we’ll tell you when so you can tune in.

2 thoughts on “Somerset Child

  1. Louise Teatum says:

    Hello guys,
    Long time no see. You brilliantly played at our wedding at Halswell House 12 years ago and we’ve often thought we’d like to come back and see you perform. We wondered if you would be up for coming to London next year for for a night to perform – possibly at the Irish Centre – in memory of Tom‘s dad who sadly passed this month. We’ll be in touch when we have more details but let us know if it’s something you would be up for.
    Take care, Louise

    1. Robert P F Colledge says:

      Hi Louise

      I have had a chat with the band and we are all very much in favour of helping you to celebrate the memory of Tom’s dad in London next year, and at the moment we don’t have any dates when we couldn’t do it. But our calendars do get filled up so let us know nearer the time with the date you have chosen. We can sort out the financial side then.
      Of course we’ll have to hope that the Covid business has resolved by then so keep fingers crossed!

      All the very best to you both
      For Diaspora

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