Diaspora Music

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Two Sides Of Diaspora - How Observant Are You? Win an exciting prize from Diaspora for each correct entry received (one entry per household please!)

This is how it goes

Look at the front cover of your new CD and you will see 11 different images. We've included a larger image below

Two sides of Diaspora Album cover

Look on the key below

Two sides of Diaspora Album cover clues

and see if you can identify which image matches which song or tune. Hint - they're all on the first side of the album and the tracks are listed in the album.

Then email Diaspora (from to the Contact Us page) with your 11 numbers and your guess as to which title each number refers.

If you get all 11 right - you will receive a special prize from us!

There's no catch and strictly speaking you don't have to buy a CD to enter but it would help (us, actually…)