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'Two Sides of Diaspora'

Side One is a collection of Irish and Traditional songs. Side Two has the Non Traditional, tributes and comedy numbers!

Two Sides of Diaspora Album Cover Two Sides of Diaspora Album Cover Two Sides of Diaspora Album Cover

Side One

McAlpine's Fusiliers
Spancil Hill
Molly Maguires
Raglan Road
Seven Drunken Nights
Catch Me If You Can
Carmin Fair
The Parting Glass
Finnegan's Wake
Galway Girl
Fanny Beynon's; The Fiery Clock Face; Alan Ball's

Side Two

Ay Oop Joe
Demon Drink
Useta Love Her
Twice Daily
The Banks Of The River Yeo
Red River Valley
Johnny Go Easy
Paddy's Sick Note
You Do Something To Me
Purple Fields Forever
'A Purple Night'

A special collection of ten tracks including 'Something Purple to Say' written and recorded for the Purple Night Concert at Ilminster Meeting House Arts Centre on 2nd December 2011. Some of these recordings were made during live performances in Ilminster or Curry Rivel (tracks nos. 2,4,5 & 10); others are unique recording studio versions of songs giving an insight into the creative mayhem that characterises the band!

Purple Night Album Cover
Something Purple to Say 2:15 Chamberlain, Dunne
She Moves Through The Fair 2:38 Trad. arr. Diaspora
Maids When You're Young 3:15 Trad. arr. Diaspora
Seven Gypsies 3:27 Trad. arr. Diaspora
Star of the County Down 3:54 Trad. arr. Diaspora
Whiskey in the Jar 3:37 Trad. arr. Diaspora
Home Boys Home 3:36 Trad. arr. Diaspora
Angel's Wings 3:18 Chamberlain
Johnny Go Easy 1:37 Trad. arr. Diaspora
Will Ye Go Lassie Go 3:25 Trad. arr. Diaspora

Nelson Rutigliano plays mandolin on track 3 & electric cello on track 4

''The Best So Far'

A collection of Diaspora's most often requested material in a completely re mastered digital format, which has enabled additional input and enhanced quality.

The Best So Far Album Cover
Irish Rover 2:48
Spanish Lady 3:05
Seven Gypsies 3:07
The Rising of the Moon 2:37
Rare ould Times 4:40
Star of the County Down 3:13
I'll Tell me Ma 2:49
Black Velvet Band 4:58
Danny Boy 4:55
Rocky Road to Dublin 2:59
Will Ye Go (Wild Mountain Thyme) 4:02
Carrickfergus 2:56

'The What Album'

Our second album released in 2002 containing a selection of rebel songs, reels and jigs, haunting ballads and traditional songs

The What Album Cover
The Rising of the Moon
Spanish Lady
Jimmy Allen/Sligo Breakdown
Galway Shawl
Evening Visit
Rare Ould Times
Planxty Fanny Power
We would have done more but for the price this is a bargain!

"A Little Diaspora Please"

Our debut CD released in 1998 containing over a dozen numbers including a humorous monologue and many traditional songs

Album Cover
Irish Rover Irish Trad
Old Joe Clark American Trad
Angels Wings Chamberlain / JMonaghan
Star Of The County Down Irish Trad
Love Lost Chamberlain/Dunne /Redland
Seven Gypsies Irish Trad
Danny Boy Irish Trad
Book of Smells Chamberlain
Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl English Trad
Black Velvet Band Irish Trad
Carrickfergus Irish Trad
I'll Tell Me Ma Irish Trad
Rocky Road To Dublin Irish Trad
Foggy Dew (medley) Irish Trad
I Will Lennon /McCartney
Will Ye Go? Scottish Trad

Most of these CDs are available at gigs and by request via our info@diasporamusic.org email address -The album prices are £5.00 (except for 'A Purple Night' which retails at £7.50) and P & P is £2.50