Diaspora Music

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A warm welcome from Diaspora - Dia daoibh a chairde!

Picture of the bandWe have been described as a long established “feel good” Irish Band, which celebrates the music and traditions of the historic Irish Diaspora and entertains with an eclectic mix of Folk and other influences - listen to our music, read about us, judge for yourselves!


We have been told by ill informed people that they are sorry that Diaspora is disbanding. Don't worry - we have absolutely no intention of disbanding.

Robert is moving house but is still very much part of the band. We have a private gig in Bridgwater where the band is playing rock and blues - and Robert will be there, Strat in hand, ready to rock. Then we have another gig in June where we will be playing to an Irish audience and he will be there for that too.

And then there's Eli's - this is where we shall be continuing to hold our Open Night every last Thursday of the month, and Robert aims to make these too.

So keep calm and carry on listening to the great Irish sound of Diaspora.